Poem of Address  by  The  Poet  Mj  ©

Sculptures  name:  Quiet  Victory

Sculptor:  Craig  Medson  2007


O’  Beautiful  Statue!

“Majestic  Wing”  that  soars  above  volcanic  rock.

See  how  you  curl  and  twist

the  imagining  of  shapely  forms  exists  –





Babylon  Lion

Persian  Protector

Celtic  Phoenix

Druid’s  Creature

God’s  Angel


How  you  soar  above  the  earth

wing  tipped  over  the

shadowy,  glazed,  grey  sky.


Pink  hue  and  white  limestone,

dug  out  of  the  earth’s  recesses.


Tear  drops  of  Saints  clean  you

on  this  rugged  mountain  range.

The  rock  of  ages.


How  I  admire  you,  each  visit.

I  watch  you  age  in  beauty’s  change.


O’  Sculptor,  I  see  block,  chisel,  hammer.

And  flints  of  rock,  falling  at  your  side.


Your  image  is  raised  up,

As  form

It  sits  on  high

A  place  of  tourist  worship.


And  then  in  silence  –

I  am  drawn  into  quiet  reflection  –

Through  you.


I  come  to  see  you

I  think

I  question

I  lay  eyes  of  wonder  on  your  form.


O’  Sculptor!

What  have  you  done  to  me?

Through  your  creation?



Each  time,

I  draw  my  eyes  to  you  –

It  sets  me  free.

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July 2018

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July 2018

Published my poems ‘Oranges’ and ‘Hamzeh – A Jordan Bookseller’


The Weekly Degree – Thirty West Publishing House

May 2018

Published my spoken word piece ‘Arlines’


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April 2018 Published

Spoken word CD

(Submitted to National and SA State Libraries)


The Mozzie – Publishers Journal

May 2018

Published my poem ‘Wardrobe’ in Volume 26 Issue 4

January / February 2018

Published three of my poems ‘Tides of Us’, ‘Figure Out’ and ‘Seven cups of chá (tea)’ in Volume 26 Issue 1

July 2017

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Rambutan Literary – Publishers Journal Online

June 2017

Published my poem ‘Liko – protected by Buddha’


Fellowship of Australian Writers

National Literary Awards 2016

Di Cranston Script Section

March 2017

Highly Commended for my play titled ‘The Farmer’s Wife’


Music Concert

May 2016

Music Concert of my lyrics with music by a composer played at a Festival. Recorded by Local ABC Radio.


‘The Currawong and the Owl’

Written by Melinda Jane, Illustrated by Hamish

August 2015 Published

Picture book for children


‘The Spoken Word’ by Mj

May 2015 Published

Spoken word & audio soundscape CD

(Submitted to National and SA State Libraries)


‘Words By Me – a selection of poems’ by Mj

May 2014 Published

Poetry Book

(Submitted to National and SA State Libraries)