Poetry Genres

Publications of The Poet Mj’s Works

Mekong Review

February 2019 Published

Published my poem titled ‘Meandering’ in Mekong Review – February-April 2019 Vol 4, No 2 – Southeast Asian Literary Magazine



Dime Show Review

January 2019 Published

Published my ten word story titled ‘Peter Rabbit’, online and print publication



The Felt

January 2019 Published

Published my poems titled ‘Orange Blossoms’ and ‘Smoking’ in ilylali – Anthology of Forests – Literature Journal online magazine



Brushfire Literature & Arts Journal

December 2018 Published

Published my poem titled ‘Mobile’ in Brushfire Fall edition 2018 – Brushfire Literature & Arts Journal online magazine




October 31st 2018 Published

Published my poem titled ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Kookaburra’ in Issue 27 – Joy Sticks online magazine



The Anti-Languorous Project

January 2019

Published my poem ‘Kit’ in their annual print edition


September 2018

Published my spoken word piece / poem ‘I pause, while you breathe’ in their soundbite online



September 2018

Published my poem ‘Kit’ in Issue 2 online magazine



The Paragon Journal

August 2018

Published my poem ‘Cubism Day’ in The Martian Chronicle – Publishers Journal Online



July 2018

Published my poems ‘Oranges’ and ‘Hamzeh – A Jordan Bookseller’ in Kõan – Publishers Journal Online



Hawai’i Review – Kumu & Kupuna – Publishers Journal Online

July 2018

Published my spoken word pieces / poems ‘Tokens of Beauty’ and ‘Paper Heart’



The Mozzie – Publishers Journal

July 2018

Published my poem ‘Left Undone’ in Volume 26 Issue 6


May 2018

Published my poem ‘Wardrobe’ in Volume 26 Issue 4


January / February 2018

Published three of my poems ‘Tides of Us’, ‘Figure Out’ and ‘Seven cups of chá (tea)’ in Volume 26 Issue 1


July 2017

Published my poem ‘Schubert Impromptu No 3 Piano Played On’ in Volume 25 Issue 5


Thirty West Publishing House – The Weekly Degree – Publishers Journal Online

May 2018

Published my spoken word piece / poem ‘Arlines’ in The Weekly Degree online



‘Spicy Tongue’ by Mj

April 2018 Published

Spoken word CD

(Submitted to National and SA State Libraries)



Backstory (Swinburne University) – Publishers Journal Online

June 2017

Published three of my non-fiction historical poems in Issue 3 online



‘At the Assassin’s Hands’

Elegy Poem



‘Sunday 11th July 1875 – Just before 8ish!’

Prose Poem



‘Helen Mitchell Photography 1873’

Ekphrastic Poetry



Rambutan Literary – Publishers Journal Online

June 2017

Published my poem ‘Liko – protected by Buddha’



Fellowship of Australian Writers

National Literary Awards 2016

Di Cranston Script Section

March 2017

Highly Commended for my play titled ‘The Farmer’s Wife’