Short Story

Shortest Story Ever

Ernest Hemingway was lunching at Luchow’ with a number of writers and claimed that he could write a short story that  was only six words long.  Of course, the other writers balked.  Hemingway told each of them to put ten dollars in the middle of the table; if he was wrong, he said, he’d match it.  If he was right, he would keep the entire pot.  He quickly wrote six words down on a napkin and passed it around;


“For sale:

Baby shoes. Never worn.”

E. Hemingway ©

He won!


Mj’s attempts at a six word story.  ©

  1.  The gun smoked.  President fell dead.
  1.  Red button pressed.  Armageddon unleashed.  Fini.
  1.  Ad:  Sale Matching Wedding Rings, Ph. 1234 5678.