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The Currawong and the Owl

The Currawong and the Owl
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The Spoken Word
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Compact Sayings
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My Halo Poetry
A selection of poems
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Shortest Story Ever

Ernest Hemingway was lunching at Luchow’ with a number of writers and claimed that he could write a short story that  was only six words long.  Of course, the other writers balked.  Hemingway told each of them to put ten dollars in the middle of the table; if he was wrong, he said, he’d match it.  If he was right, he would keep the entire pot.  He quickly wrote six words down on a napkin and passed it around;


“For sale:

Baby shoes. Never worn.”

E. Hemingway ©

He won!


Mj’s attempts at a six word story.  ©

  1.  The gun smoked.  President fell dead.
  1.  Red button pressed.  Armageddon unleashed.  Fini.
  1.  Ad:  Sale Matching Wedding Rings, Ph. 1234 5678.


Haiku Poetry

The haiku started in Japan from about the 12th century around 800 hundred years ago.  The haiku poem has three lines.  The haiku is a unrhyming poem, that usually includes a seasonal reference with a description of nature.  The first line contains five syllables, second line contains seven syllables, and the third line contains five syllables.  Seventeen syllables in total in a haiku poem.

 Bent winter trees image

 The bent tree bows, stoops.

Old man with cane stooped walking.

Old, bare wintering.

“Bent Tree” by Mj ©

 Old man with cain

Thunder claps the heart

Cumulonimbus clouds come

heavy, summer tears.

“Clouds” by Mj ©

Cumulonimbus Clouds

Yosa Buson is one of the more finer haiku poets.  He lived in Japan from 1716 to 1783.  Here are some of his beautiful works.

Two ladies conversing in the snow by Hiroshige.jpg

In the rains of spring,

An umbrella and raincoat

Pass by, conversing.

“Spring Rain” by Yosa Buson ©

Buddha by Yosa Buson

by Yosa Buson ©

Love by Yosa Buson

by Yosa Buson ©

Monk by Yosa Buson

 by Yosa Buson ©

Haze by Yosa Buson

 by Yosa Buson ©