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The Currawong and the Owl

The Currawong and the Owl
An illustrated children's book
written by The Poet Mj (Includes postage and handling world-wide)

Price(AUD): $15.00

The Spoken Word by The Poet Mj

The Spoken Word
A CD of 16 tracks of poems in MP3 format
Click on CD Cover for details
(zip download - 60MB)

Price(AUD): $10.00

Compact Sayings Ebook by The Poet Mj image
Compact Sayings
A selection of sayings
written by The Poet Mj
(pdf download)

Price(AUD): $10.00

My Halo Poetry EBook by the Poet Mj image

My Halo Poetry
A selection of poems
written by The Poet Mj
(pdf download)

Price(AUD): $10.00

Publications of The Poet Mj’s Works

Dime Show Review

September 2018 Published

Published my ten word story titled ‘Peter Rabbit’


The Anti-Languorous Project

January 2019

Published my poem ‘Kit’ in their annual print edition


September 2018

Published my spoken word piece / poem ‘I pause, while you breathe’ in their soundbite online



September 2018

Published my poem ‘Kit’ in Issue 2 online magazine



The Paragon Journal

August 2018

Published my poem ‘Cubism Day’ in The Martian Chronicle – Publishers Journal Online



July 2018

Published my poems ‘Oranges’ and ‘Hamzeh – A Jordan Bookseller’ in Kõan – Publishers Journal Online



Hawai’i Review – Kumu & Kupuna – Publishers Journal Online

July 2018

Published my spoken word pieces / poems ‘Tokens of Beauty’ and ‘Paper Heart’



The Mozzie – Publishers Journal

July 2018

Published my poem ‘Left Undone’ in Volume 26 Issue 6


May 2018

Published my poem ‘Wardrobe’ in Volume 26 Issue 4


January / February 2018

Published three of my poems ‘Tides of Us’, ‘Figure Out’ and ‘Seven cups of chá (tea)’ in Volume 26 Issue 1


July 2017

Published my poem ‘Schubert Impromptu No 3 Piano Played On’ in Volume 25 Issue 5


Thirty West Publishing House – The Weekly Degree – Publishers Journal Online

May 2018

Published my spoken word piece / poem ‘Arlines’ in The Weekly Degree online



‘Spicy Tongue’ by Mj

April 2018 Published

Spoken word CD

(Submitted to National and SA State Libraries)



Backstory (Swinburne University) – Publishers Journal Online

June 2017

Published three of my non-fiction historical poems in Issue 3 online



‘At the Assassin’s Hands’

Elegy Poem



‘Sunday 11th July 1875 – Just before 8ish!’

Prose Poem



‘Helen Mitchell Photography 1873’

Ekphrastic Poetry



Rambutan Literary – Publishers Journal Online

June 2017

Published my poem ‘Liko – protected by Buddha’



Fellowship of Australian Writers

National Literary Awards 2016

Di Cranston Script Section

March 2017

Highly Commended for my play titled ‘The Farmer’s Wife’